5 Little Changes that Can Make a Big Impact on Your Marriage

You don’t always need a huge intervention in order to make your marriage better. Moe often than not, it takes little changes in your everyday routines and your habits that impact the health of your marriage in a big and positive way. Whether you want to keep your marriage healthy or you need to reignite a spark, change some of your daily habits and you’ll be more likely to experience marital bliss.

  1. Set a Goal for Your Marriage Each Day
    Imagine what could happen if you woke up each day with a goal for your marriage; you could do some great work. They don’t necessarily have to be big goals. Making a conscious decision each day to do something kind or spend quality time with your spouse can go a long way. Set small goals, like “I’ll focus only on the positive aspects of today”, “Today I’m not going to complain about anything”.
  2. Focus More on What You Contribute than What You Gain
    Instead of focusing on what your partner hasn’t done for you or what’s not working, shift the focus to your contributions to making your marriage stronger. If you focus on making life easier for your spouse, you’ll have less time to focus on how the marriage is making your life more difficult.
  3. Forgive and Forget
    The two go hand in hand. If you have really forgiven someone, then you will forget the wrong that they’ve done to you. Conversely, if you continue to dwell on and harbor that wrong, then you haven’t truly forgiven them. If you want to see a big impact on your marriage, do both.
  4. Speak Well of Your Spouse
    All too often, we run our spouses down in front of other people. Whether your spouse is present when you do it is not important. We eventually begin to believe what we say about them to others. Speak well of them in the presence of others even if they are not there. You help build your partner’s integrity or you contribute to their undoing – which one would you rather be doing?
  5. Be Present
    For those of you who are constantly engaged with your smartphone, put it down, turn on the volume, or better yet, switch it off. Being present is how you let your spouse know that who they are, what they think and how they feel matters to you. When your spouse has something to tell you, listen with all of your attention, not just part of it.

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