Bridal Beauty Tips

Bridal Beauty Tips

It seems like no matter how many there are, you can never have enough beauty tips for your big day. But instead of overwhelming yourself from advice from all corners of the internet, take our word for it. After all, we are the shaadee experts!

Here are the beauty tips that you’ll need to get through your big day beautifully and look gorgeous in the photographs:


  1. Flash photography is harsh and emphasized pink tones. Be sure to even out your skin with a yellow-toned foundation.
  2. Set concealer and foundation with a loose finish powder to make them last long. It will also help your skin look matte in the photographs.
  3. Don’t forget your neck when applying foundation and be sure to warm it up with a dusting of bronzing powder.


For a pretty flush, use two shades of blush: a natural shade to cover the cheeks and a brighter shade applied just on the apples of the cheeks.


  1. Choose brighter shades of pink, rose, and plum to make sure you look fresh in the photographs. Natural and pale shades will look washed out.
  2. Make lipstick and lip gloss last longer by lining and filling the lips with a lip liner before applying the color.


  1. Brides tend to get emotional, and it’s ok. Just be sure to choose water-resistance eye makeup.
  2. After applying the makeup, use a light highlighter on the brow-bone to make your eyes pop.

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