Divorced or the widowed women are the part of the society-Accept them by marrying them. It’s the right way.

What an irony that men weds immediately after his wife death or divorce no matter he is touching the last figures of his age but women kept in the unseen chains of customs, sacrifice, traditions and so called honor of her family. Honor does not lie in not wedding her again after her husband death or divorce. Our religion Islam takes pride of wedding the widow or divorced. Our society has taken the wrong turns and deviated the path of righteousness. Shaadee.pk has taken this observation from the practices of society and penned down about writing the issue of not wedding the divorced or widow women. We take pride to be a platform where we are in the business of matching the souls that were knotted in the heavens. We must not feel shame in providing the matches for the widows and divorced women. They are the part of our society. There is a need to spread the awareness about this irrational practice.

Why the things are different for women and men in our society? Why women always chose the way of sacrifice for her children, family and the name of her family? Answers are not that simple. The solutions are bit complex. There is a need to break the shackles of labyrinth chains that are clogging the way of our society to reach its perfection.

We from the platform of shaadee.pk chose the direction which serves for this society for its betterment. If we bring the comparison between the developed and undeveloped countries in sight, we would find that the basic difference between the way of thinking. Islam is modern. It is a progressive religion. It is positive in its orders and ordain the way that brings an ease to humanity. Shaadee.pk at its platform has thousands of member which have registered for second marriage. It also opens the opportunity for widow and divorced women who have no suitable way to find an appropriate match for her by other means. Shaadee.pk makes matches or rishtay online not only for the young ideal proposals but for those who are not ideal in theory. Many of our members are thankful to us and we share the moment of  gratitude publicly by keeping the privacy of all these members who told us that how shaadee.pk have been so kind and generous for the lives of those who were un-heard and mute before this platform.  Shaadee.pk is not an ordinary website. It is touching the lives of people through the online connection which is wary of the differences between dating and marriage. The objective of shaadee.pk is to serve not only the people who are looking for the perfect matches or life partners but to the people who can’t find the suitable match due to social constraints, some awful traditions, some taboos or due to some hindrances that don’t allow them to find the men or women to betroth with. We are the voice for those who are un-heard and ear to the mute ones.

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