Forced marriages- A sinful act

The age we live is the age of hybridization. Fundamental human rights are the core value of present time. Forced marriages cannot be justified on any religious or cultural basis. In international law forced marriages are amount to a form of domestic violence. In Pakistani society forced marriages are camouflaged in arranged marriage. Bride and groom are willing to marry cum sacrifice. Parents, society, cultural norms are the leading causes behind such marriages. has taken the very issue into custody and by being the flag bearer of challenging the forced marriage highlights its details. Shadi in Pakistan is less a couple’s choice but more a burden. Its basis are the financial security and parents’ will. Romance is not mention-able. Dear Family! Do not force your daughters to get them wed with whom they don’t like.

Do not tie her with the one just because he is your blood relative

Here in Pakistan, parents force their daughters to please their relatives as they have promised to given their daughters hand into their nephews, niece and cousins. This lead to the girls to have a compromise. After having a one or two child, girls forget that how and why they wed to the med they never wanted to. The inner self happiness fades away and left behind. In some worst case scenario

Her silence does not mean YES, it could be named as suppression

In eastern cultures, women silence is takes as yes to the proposals her parents offer whereas her silence is not what it should be taken. There could be hosts of the reason such as her thinking to sacrifice for the parents respect and name in the society. The sacredness attached to women, women being the guard keeper of the family reverence and honor etc. Marriage is the negotiable and debatable phenomenon. Parents must seek her daughters will by discussing pros and cons of the particular proposals.

The consequences of such marriages are worse and latent in its nature. They don’t appear in overtly or disturb any other but the girl herself who consented to the will or suppression by her parents particularly her father’s. The Feeling arouse that they have no longer control over their own lives, many women end up depressed, self-harming or, in the worst cases, even attempting suicide.

Living a life you don’t want can often seem worse than not living at all. Let’s join hands together in wake of spreading awareness and knowledge about the very sensitive issue.

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