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It Sounds Cliche, But Compromising is a Key

It is an old school idea that compromise be considerate and stay susceptible to convincing and persuasion by your partner. But the question that grabs the attention that where would your inner self go? So much compromise and a haul of compromise and compliance will wave off the color of your own personality. Saying that compromise is a key in maintaining relationship brings a latent meaning with it which is tantamount to being assertive at the same time. Your significant other must feel respectable when you treat him/her, but you must say your mind and pay off yourself fully to him.

The above notion has complete tendency in it to boggle one’s mind and tangle one into the lurch that how can one be fully assertive and at the same time compromising. There could be various ways to achieve the balance.

Watch your tone first

Keep your words firm but slower and softer. Tone in this matters a lot. Even if you are talking about a very favorable idea for the next person but your tone is not in complicity with your significant other then don’t expect a compromise and assertiveness, chances for either of the possibility extinguished.

Don’t try to win the argument, sometimes losing the game is a win

It is an innate nature of a human that he always wants to win. Losing is not in the gene of human being. But in relationships, the very nature must go upside down. If you are arguing to win then you will lose. So, try to lose to win the heart not the argument.

Not anger on right things but anger at wrong timing is a murder to the relationship

Its OK to get angry at things but one must control its anger at timings. It is true that sometimes you are having a good time with your husband/wife and at the spur of the moment due to some awkward act of your partner, you burst into anger and spoil the moment. This is not what we want you to learn. Try to control the anger and save it for some good day.

Article Credits : Marriage Counselling

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