Stand your ground and own who you are…

Stand your ground and own who you are

Girl, Skin color don’t define you. Inner beauty is eternal. Outer beauty is lame. Feeling beautiful is important than looking beautiful. They will keep reminding you that your skin is pigmented, you are fat,, dark and blah blah blah! But you can shut them up with the only that is feeling beautiful and coming into conformity with yourself by accepting what you are. Confidence is sexy. Owning yourself is essential. Accept yourself first then let others believe that you are beautiful. If you reject yourself at first, how can you expect others to accept you in your natural way?

The first step is going out without make up. Nothing can be braver than showing the real skin of yours’. If you can crossed that milestone, trust that you can do anything you want. Society defines beauty standards which are utopian and perfect and you must believe the fact that nothing can be perfect.  Finding perfection would only lead you to frustration. Personality does not beg skin beauty but the way you carry yourself. People forget how your skin was glowing but they remember that what you have opined about some particular matter and what is your thinking. Mind share the major role in the personality. Contentment comes from achievement. Seek what others could not do. Learn things which are beyond the intellect of others. Read and write, speak and shine is the only formula that can make you stand on your grounds firmly.

Society wants women to be perfect in her cooking, in her career, in raining her children, in earning and in beauty which is impossible. Being jack of all trades will leave you to have nothing at the end. Many women who are beautiful on their skin but are bad in their heart and mind. They speak awful. They rely on their beauty for every achievement but they fail. Why? Because, beauty is not the answer of every question. Beauty is not the panacea to every ill. Beauty is an inch deep ocean that dries out at the very moment when you age. No one can stop age. Aging will mutilate your outer beauty but the inner can never be defeated by any of the natural or unnatural element in life.

Rishtay don’t stand skin perfection but the heart perfection. If the heart is maligned, rishtay and shadi are broken. Beauty can’t help saving your relationship if you proved to be bad in attitude.

Making a soul attractive instead of your skin is the choice of intelligent women. She became attractive the moment she realizes that she has to leave the things which are beyond her control.  Running behind the beauty products and every band wagon will end up making you to have a hollow and shallow personality void of intellect, maturity, kindness, contentment, peace, charm and confidence. in this write up has shared the opinion after observing the current trends in girls particularly a trend to look more beautiful in their outfit instead in their heart, mind and soul. 

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