A good wife is a good mother, and a good husband is an excellent father-Be good

Marcus Aurelius was the famous and one of the most potent emperors in Roman History. He was also a stoic philosopher. He summarized his all patient teaching in one beautiful sentence. “Just do the right thing, and the rest doesn’t matter”. He conveyed one of the most important philosophies of life in one sentence. It shows that if we do the right and moral thing, we don’t have to worry about the result. Scorecard will take care of if one puts maximum effort into the work without fretting about the outcome.

Husband or wife is just a role which person plays. If a person has the discipline to do the right thing, all actions will be correct. If a person is responsible and moral, he will be a good husband and a good father, employee, and son. The reason is that when roots are strong, branches will be fruitful. Nowadays, much emphasis is given to how working women can be better moms and wives. If we keep this point of being good and moral, this issue will be resolved. If a woman is doing the right thing for the child, if she is not exposing her child to TV or mobile, if she is investing her time to teach her, then there are much more chances that the child will be benefited. And if she is a good person morally, obviously, she will fulfil her responsibilities as a wife. She will take care of her husband and his needs. Girls of the hoe will see how a woman has to act in society and build a peaceful home. This will be the most significant contribution to society.

The same applies to men. If a man fulfils his duties as a husband, his kids will see how a man is supposed to treat other women. When kids see that their father is respectfully treating their mother, talking to her politely and taking care of her needs, children will emulate this behaviour when they grow up. Children learn from observation; when they see a respectful environment in their home, they will become good people in their practical life. As a result of being a good person, only one house can generate enough kind heart kids that can change society in a much more positive way.

Much of our anxiety originates from focusing on outcomes and things we have no control over. When the prime focus of a person is to be a good person, that is entirely in his possession. When a person has internalized his goal, like just being good and doing the right thing, he will be at peace because he can measure his success. Instead of endlessly focusing on different areas of life, one must focus on one thing: doing the ethical and morally correct thing with one’s full power.

It can all be summarized by one quote from Jordon Peterson in his book 12 rules of life “If you fulfil your obligations every day, you don’t need to worry about the future.

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