Islamabad Giga Mall Event, 12-14 October

The event at GiGa mall Islamabad proved to be a successful one as usual. team enthusiasti... to Bling lifestyle and wedding Expo brought the mesmerizing and eventful colors in Lahore on 21st Oct. The bright event of we...

Karachi Event - The great Pakistani wedding show, LuckyOne Mall, Karachi

The great Pakistani wedding show in Karachi Lucky one mall made the event as true as the ...

Islamabad Fashion Show.... presented  a Fashion show on 18th August at Orchid Marquees expressway, Islamabad. the e in Ocean Mall Karachi

When it came to Ocean Mall Karachi, the event proved to be successful beyond expectations. From 27 t in Emporium Mall Lahore chose Emporium mall in Lahore this time to show its splendor. Models participated and pre in Lahore. Pakistan Wedding Show

The event at went more than well. take the best of Pakistan wedding show in La

Islamabad Model Show Centaurus

It was a golden day when  held a modeling show in centaurs. The event as usual went beyo

ISB FASHION SHOW at Orchid Marquees

Islamabad Fashion week brought a great opportunity to showcase what is. In Isl in Lucky One Mall Shopping Karachi

lucky One mall proved to be Lucky for as it has brought a great fortune to us in the form in Safa Gold Mall

In Safa Gold mall Islamabad, for the first time, presented another successful. Footfall c coming to Lahore Lifestyle and Wedding expo

Lahore event went successfully at Gulberg lahore. It was wedding expo and lifestyle event. Common ma

Shaheen Complex Lahore (29 Aug to 30 Aug)

Happy marriage is when you get your life partner of your own choice. We arranged an event in Lahore

Amana Mall Lahore 12-15 July

Rishtay are made in heaven but on earth its that make you chose that match which has been

Atrium Mall 6 April to 8 April, Karachi

This time we have set the stage at Atrium mall Karachi. The very purpose was to get you introduce wi Brings Islamabad Fashion Show at Orchid Marquees presented  a Fashion show on 18th August at Orchid Marquees expressway, Islamabad. the e

Geofman pharma 7,8 July, Karachi

Geofman Pharma remained one of the greatest event we have till now. It was not just the event but it

Pak China Friendship Center 8 to 9 Sep came to the center of friendship to be friends with you with the purpose of legal friends

Nuplex Cinema Karachi, 8,9 September

Nuplex cinema in Karachi is famous for movie shows but now if you name Nuplex cinema poeple have an

Wedding Show at Faisalabad - 30th Sep 2018

In Faisalabad, for the first time ever has set its stage with full zest and zeal that the

Women Fest - Event at Lahore - 21st October 2018

Women fest was a great event and made it even greater with setting its stall on the front

Pakistan wedding show 1-2 Sep Islamabad- Tulip Marquee

Islamabad Tulip Marquee was set in the wedding colors and under the wedding ambiance. The event brou

Lahore Women college -14 Nov to 18 Nov

There was an awareness campaign like-activity in Women College Lahore by that brought the

Masala Family Festival (10-11 Nov)

When it comes to Masala Family Festival, family and house wife comes in mind. So this time we manage

Masala Family Festival 10-11Nov

Masala family festival and made the perfect duo in Lahore. Where there are women, there i

Behave with your young ones in a way in which you want the future parents to do

Child is a part of mother’s body. The early socialization start from her lap. If you a baby girl o

True relationship has a different make than the prevailing.

Relationships are termed mature or immature. Either they love or they don’t. They fall a prey to y

Karachi Carnival 14,15 December

karachi is the heart of Pakistan, holds the center stage in every walk of life. when it comes to ma

Christmas card Distribution: Karachi event.

Its Christmas. It means holidays, happiness, family gatherings, sweets and celebrations. The whole P

National Wedding show Lahore (14-16 Dec)

National wedding show marked a great show in our lists of events. We have seen infinite number of pe

Father-daughter relationship is beautiful of its kind

What an irony that a daughter has to limit herself in her activities when her father is home. The su

Kashmir cultural festival -Muzafrabad

Muzafrabad is the center stage of the whole civilization of Kashmir. A capital of azad Kashmir was l

Divorced or the widowed women are the part of the society-Accept them by marrying them. It’s the right way.

Divorced or the widowed women are the part of the society-Accept them by marrying them. It’s the r

Is Family as an institution dying?

There are many opinions that roam around but the strongest one is that family is dying. The very opi

What to do when you are ready for marriage

Heart or Mind: What to follow when it comes to decision of marriage A tug of war between heart a

Boulevard mall Hyderabad (31st May to 4th June)

Before Eid, it was another Eid. celebrated an unstoppable show under the blessings of Ram

1st to 3rd Feb-Dawn lifestyle- Karachi

It was cold in the halls. But all of them were full of warmth. Their faces were glowing with joy and coming in Lucky One Mall

Karachi is moderate in temperature very Warm in summers and moderate warm in winters. Warmth is the

Karachi Atrium Mall Event - July 19

The wait was over. set the stage in atrium mall in Karachi. People were exuberant. Atrium

Karachi LuckyOne Mall

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Karachi luckyone mall is lucky once again.  October has

Boulevard mall Hyderabad

Hyderabad, city of eternal bliss, was overwhelmed with joy when installed a stall in Hyde

Saima mall- Karachi-1-3 November, 2019 got the opportunity to have a great show at Saima mall Karachi. It was not a common displ

Lahore Expo Center AND (Rishtay with Masala) -16-17 November- 2019 – Masala family festival

Hum TV Masala family festival with the blend of presented an amazing event in Lahore expo

Safari Family festival Karachi-15-17 Nov-2019- (Rishtay and much more in Safari park) fully participated in an amazing event held in Karachi safari park organized by Professio

2nd international consumer product fair (22-24 NOV)-2019

South Asia's Largest Consumer Good's Exhibition brought lots of products at one place. Great n numbe

Millennium mall Karachi and Rishta making event (13-15 Dec)-2019

Beautiful millennium mall Karachi was ranting with the rumors that here is a stall named

Dil k Rishtay in Expo center lahore- Year closing event by Dawn (14-15 Dec)-2019

The year 2019 was closed with wonderful expo in expo center in Lahore, Johor town. The event mustere

Rishtay in ARY Fest- Beach view park Clifton - Karachi-14-16 Feb, 2020

Karachi a city of light remains busy around the clock. Traffic, people, lights and business can easi in Max Budget Super Market mall, Hyderabad, 7-9 Feb 2020

How it would be, if you go to Bachat market and find not only grocery but the solutions of all of yo

When your best friend is in a relationship

When she gets married, first of all your best friend wants you to get married too. She starts lectur

Why marriage between the age fellows is successful?

  It is true that age is just a number. Two people who have great age can marry no matter

Rex meeting-22 October- Monal Lahore

REX ‘Rishta expert’ program is the new venture of It aims at producing the quality r

Rex Meeting-5 November- Jahangir Islamabad

Yet another beautiful night came with all its zest when the REX team of Islamabad had a dinner arran

How to revive the worn out marriage

Marriage is a sacred vow. If you truly observe its sanctity and know the value of this divine relati

The story of one of the bravest women in the world

The story of one of the bravest women in the world Florence Nightingale, you must have heard the

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Find the right match

Find the right match In an average estimation, everybody must have heard a saying, ‘’as you s

Muskan, ALLAH ho Akbar, a slogan raised in India and echoed across border

In the southern Indian state of Karnataka, a 19-year-old girl stood courageous in front of an angry

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Getting old? Still no Rishta? (Desire to settle down after 30s is genuine and practical).

The age at which individuals in Pakistan get married can vary widely depending on a range of cultura

Why women can’t break the cycle of violence

Breaking the cycle of violence, especially in cases of domestic violence or abusive relationships, c