Rex meeting-22 October- Monal Lahore

REX ‘Rishta expert’ program is the new venture of It aims at producing the quality rishtas for our clients.  Rishta experts work on the footings of modern principles. They are the ambassadors of They represent the parent company in regions, cities, muhallas and in noble houses.

Lately on Thursday 22nd October, Central region office held a Hi-tea meeting with some of Key Rex Agents at Monal Lahore. Their respective supervisors were also present at the event.

This meeting aimed at introducing the new REX to the staff members of and increasing inter-collaboration and coordination between Rex Agents.

In this get-together certificates were distributed. Rex were answered about the petty issues by the regional manager. Food was served.

This was an opportunity to create a better understanding/ and to develop a bond between the REX agents and the parent company. Which eventually will boost morale and help us have better rishtas and good human at

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