Why is a marriage between the age fellows successful?

  It is true that age is just a number. Two people who have great age can marry no matter what men are younger than women or vice versa. But here let us divert your attention towards the benefits of marrying in the same age group first, you get. In a research the result showed                                                                                                                          that even a difference of five years have made many couples to separate ways. The chances of divorce increase by 100% when age difference is more than it is required the age difference is not more than one year. If the older is a husband then it is even better for the survival of marriage.

 Many predictors suggest different indications of success in marriage some say it is the money that saves marriage or it is the children that are the promising bond between husband and wife or it is the understanding between the two whereas some suggest that it is age that matters the most. If the age difference is wider then there are less chances that the relation stays intact and safe from the breakage.

   Its major argument lies in the understanding between the two. Same age group people have the same mind set, same level of understanding and same lifestyle. This thing make the two more compatible

 Biologically and on reproductive level, the age gap of maximum three years is good while the age gap of more than five years is harmful for health.

Many cases come to fore, where fifteen years of age gap did not stop the two from falling in love with each other. There are many celebrities who are husbands who are of their father’s age and many women especially in Hollywood who wed women of their mother’s age. Emmanuel macron the French president tied a knot with a woman who is sixty years old while the president is not more than forty years .Rishta are written in naseeb. It is said in Pakistan. In our deen Islam age does not matter in marriage .Holy prophet (SAW) has given us many examples from his own life. Marriage is an old form of association that never gets perfect. Many have made suggestions to improve the relationship but something’s worked and sometimes nothing worked. The proponents of same age demand there should be marriage between the same age group and the proponent of having understanding first demand to build understanding first to survive the relationship.

In some cultures the age gap has nothing to do with marriage and in some cultures patriarchy demands that women must be younger than men to have a perfect married couple. In sub- continent, older women are considered a very bad sign to start a successful marriage.

In Pakistan. Rishta of a woman who is 30 plus in her age is considered a woman who is out of the category of marriage now. No one enters her house because everyone wants a younger girl to marry. In short balance is the theme of life. The age of a fellow bride or groom is the best companion.

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