Three Types of Love, We Experience In Our Lifetime

Love is not the thing that happens once in lifetime. It is a recurring phenomenon that happens again and again. While we may fall in love with many people over the span of our lifetime, we can break down the type of love we experience into three categories. Human nature is not confided with the rishta in his lifetime only. He/she deals with various people various rishtay in life. The three basic types of love have been incurred from the research that will explain one the make of feeling’ Love’.

First love- When we are young

The first crush relates to the premature age. That can safely be assumed as an infatuation but we consider it as our first love because we gauge and analyze it on the standards of intensity. The gravity of the matter makes us count it as our first love. The intensity makes us realize that we have lost much, too much. The maiden feelings are hurt as it’s our very first experience with love emotions. The person we chose may be a nice one but we don’t fall in the age bracket where we can find him for eternity. Being muslim we have marital bond only that makes us stay together for life. Other than that we can’t find a person to be on our terms forever. So that is broken now and you have moved toward the next phase of your life.

Our second love is a hard lesson

The next phase when we are mature enough to get married. Here we come across the issue of the right person. The story falls between the right and the wrong person. If we get the wrong person, we get damaged and if we get the right person we get married. This is a relationship that is most often conflict-filled, but we tell ourselves that all relationships have their issues so we should use these rough patches to learn something about ourselves. Mostly we learn a lesson is the form of break up and we move ahead to the next phase.

The third type of love that the lucky ones get to experience is the “right” kind 

This happens in our mature age. Most of the people get married in this phase and they are forced socially and legally to fall for the person who is our spouse. There is quite a possibility that we fall in love with our partner and there is a chance that we don’t find him/her attractive enough to fall for. So in the late case we suffer and suffer for life time. Sometimes we manage to escape the suffering by compromise but as you know that for compromise you need to clap with two hands and in often cases the two don’t tango and the relationship falls in the lurch. This love comes into your life by surprise. We don’t strive for it. This happens to lucky people.  

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