Rex Meeting-5 November- Jahangir Islamabad

Yet another beautiful night came with all its zest when the REX team of Islamabad had a dinner arranged by The charge was positive and the ambiance was full of energy. This event aimed at introducing all the REX members with each other and with

Various queries and questions and one to one sessions were conducted in a healthy environment. This meeting was a much needed thing. We needed to have such a great get together to know and understand each other more because this is how team work is possible. This gave the REX team to explore the new possibilities to reach their goals.

The manager, Usman Mirza briefed us about the event that held on 5th of November, 2020. He told that the team was invited for dinner with the purpose to have inter-collaboration and inter-coordination.

The feedback form REX members showed that session went very well because the REX demanded that for the same kind of focus-group meetings once again as they got motivated and felt connected with aim. Such activities ensure that the REX venture of will bear the desired fruit in no time.

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