Expert views: Act upon these five tricks in your relationship

We have talked to many elderly couples about the tricks and tips that how they have survived the perfect marriage for long. They told that there are not many things that should be taken care of but a few. And those few things must not be ignored at ll. There are few but important as marriage itself.

Self-love is important

Love yourself. This is the first rule of nay relationship. People will treat you the way you wanted to be treated. If you won’t love yourself nobody else could love you and you also can’t love other person. If you emptied of love you can give that to other.

Deal with your emotions by yourself

An elderly women told that the secret of their happy 40 years marriage is that they both never bother each other. They don’t burden the other person with emotional drama. The emotional drama is the most sickening and the blood sucking thing in relationship.

Laugh together

Laughing is a good therapy. Science says that the more you laugh the more you live happily and the more the stress is relieved. On the other hand laughing with your partner will strengthen your relationship.

Stay positive

Staying positive is very hard in the time of hardship but if someone manage stress and handle the situation positively then life becomes easier. This is the key to have a good relationship. So stay positive and be happy.

Leave practicing outdated gender roles

The old school thought that wife must cook to feed husband or husband must not cook no matter he is starving to death. These lines are blurred now. The work positions are mixed now. Women can drive husband to office and husband can cook food for his wife. Practice it. Life will be friendly toward you.

Never ever use the word ‘’ divorce ‘’ even in anger

The word is terrible in its practice and using it more than often makes you vulnerable to the practical form of the this word

Act but never react.

Reaction to every other thing or every other dialogue or arguments is not good. You should act earlier in good way so that reaction should be avoided. The latter is dangerous then the former.

Know when to stop pushing

It is true that men are lazy and don’t pay heed to the things which don’t seem important to them. The wives often keep pushing them. But there comes some limit after that one should stop pushing them. The trick is you have to know that point.

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