Special persons can get a decent proposal now

‘‘You are a special child’’, ‘’you can’t have a normal life’’, ‘’you can’t get married’’, ‘’you will end up living with your brothers at the end’’, such toxic lines, I have been listening all of my life since my childhood. I acknowledge that I am special but not handicapped, actually I am special in many ways. I wanted that people should tag me as special child because of my extra abilities not because of my one twisted limb. I was disable from one of my hand. I was perfectly happy and fine with myself, it was just the society who treated me abnormal and special in wrong way. My achievements are not even near to others’. I was almost hopeless that I would never find a gentleman to marry. It is a sad reality I thought I should accept it as soon as possible.

One of my friends came to me one day and told me about some shaadee.pk. I thought there is no harm in trying it. I registered at it and wrote in my bio in profile that I have my left hand with some specialty. Ii talked with my matchmaker, she told me that soon she will contact me after finding me a right match. But days passed, months passed, no response. I got completely disappointed. I thought that I might find someone of same capability but even special persons are preferring complete limbs no matter half mind.

One day on some good morning, I got a text message on my mobile. It said, some Ali have accepted your rishta request at shaadee.pk.  I did not send any rishta request at shaadee.pk. I called my matchmaker, she said she had been working on my profile all the months. I got sentimental on her response. Shaadee.pk had been working on me. The sentence made me emotional. Well she told me that she sent a request to some potential match named Ali and now Ali wants to have a conversation with me. I allowed my matchmaker to establish a contact between me and Ali.

Next day Ali called me. I was really shocked to know that there are still many people who cares for values and respect humanity.

He as a doctor himself. He was differently disable. We were like-minded people. We soon got married.

I just wanted to explain this simple story to make you (whoever is reading it) that still there are good people and Allah always have a better plan for you. He might delays giving the blessings to you but he does and when he does he gives you the best and that best thing meet the lingering grievances. It renews you and give you a new life .