Every Love language is unique: what is your love style: Angry love, showcase love, covert care, Expressing love?

It is insightful to know that definition of love vary person to person and culture to culture. Nobody can tie it in shackles of some stern parameter. Judging someone on the predefined standards of love is not a justified idea. There is a possibility that he/she loves you in her/his own way which is incompatible with your standards of love. But drawing conclusion that your partner’s love is impassionate, faulty or infatuated mere on the facts that his/her love manifestation does not corroborate with your methods is a flawed idea. Everybody has a unique way to express his love. It could be manifested angrily, overtly, covertly, passionately etc.

Angry love- Offensive Defensive attitude

There are many factors involved in the backdrop of such attitude, cultural and social factors are significant. The actual reason is that the person in love demands more love and when he/she do not find the expected love he/she cease to adopt offensivedefensive loving mode. Well it is love. Don’t be afraid and embrace the way he/she loves you. There are many people you come across in your life who express their love staying in ‘angry-birdmood so one must not assume that why his/her partner is showing enmity toward her/him. its love, dear.

Showcasing love- Expressing love

They are so ambitious, passionate and obsessed with love. Extra showcasing of love and showering of romantic sentences on spouses make their partners feel full and satiated. The phenomenon most likely to happen with men and resultantly wives are void of regard toward such loveydovey mood of their husbands. Well it’s his own way of love. Accept it and stay gracious as it is not common. Mostly, people are moody and are involved in concealing their love.

Covert Care- Fear of being exposed

It is a dilemma that the person in love tend to hide love feeling vulnerability that expressing love can bring him/her hard time to face as less gratitude is the characteristic of Mehboob in the sub-continent. Fear of exposure make them hide their love for their partner which is the ultimate way to create misunderstandings between the two. Feelings of being unloved are the worst feeling particularly when you are expecting that. So, try to make him/her comfortable with the expression of love. It’s important.

Article Credits: Marriage Pakistan

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