How to revive the worn out marriage

Marriage is a sacred vow. If you truly observe its sanctity and know the value of this divine relationship then you can never let it wear out. But we are Homo sapiens then. In this material life, nothing is eternal. Everything has to see ups and down and if the downs particularly are not watched with the careful eye then one cannot maintain the real essence of be it a marriage or anything else. The scheme of this universe is based on the pattern of struggle. But at least the scheme offers a room to work out on the disorders of life. Marriage which is worn out could be retrieved to its previous maiden look. There are different ways that can save rishtay in Pakistan. Some of the tested notions are narrated below. Apply from here on your marriage life, if you are missing on some of them.

Keep your adventurous nature alive

Have you been so adventurous in your single life and you have to detach yourself from it due to your marriage and the increased responsibilities? If this is true then let us plot a scenario where you can have both the adventure and marriage together in alignment. After spending pretty fair time with your spouse, you are all good to go with your own self now. Never ever forget yourself in your marriage. It really does not mean that you have to turn into a narcissist but to the level where your inner soul and your personality don’t lose its identity.

Keep your hobbies

If you were a painter, writer, photographer, hiker, player or anything before marriage and you had to quit from them to manage your marriage then you have made a great mistake. Revive your hobby. Get your canvas, clear the dust and start painting in the free time. That will save you from bugging your spouse as well as give you a new life away from boredom. Don’t stop your spouse from having some hobby unless it is harming you the soul of your marriage.

Make your weekends special

Arrange a party at the weekend in which only he/she gets the invitation to attend, no one else. Spare time for each other. Arrange a little high tea. Wear the best in your wardrobe. Make it filmy. There is a possibility that he doesn’t like such a decorative attitude but this adds to the beauty and gives food to thought to mend your marriage.

Spare late evening for a walk together to remember

Walking and talking is the best combination. You must make a walk toward some park or on the silent road. Staying silent is cool too. Absorb the beauty of a grey evening. Share your inner thoughts, philosophy, family life, future strategy and for your children. Get melancholic. It’s pretty fine.

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