Kashmir cultural festival -Muzafrabad

Muzafrabad is the center stage of the whole civilization of Kashmir. A capital of azad Kashmir was lit up in the night of 13th and 14th of April. Shaadee.pk provided the city a new glam. Between the Jhelum and Neelam rivers, in the lap of glorious upstanding mountains, the city needed nothing but one thing that shaadee.pk gave it. The IT. Minister of Azad Kashmir visited the event and applauded the entrepreneur efforts of shaadee.pk. Shaadee.pk has set the stage in the Kashmir cultural festival. For the First Time in Kashmir’s History Shaadee.pk came to Muzaffrabad. Shaadee.pk- Pakistan’s Largest Rishta Service in collaboration with The District Government of Azad Kashmir Islamabadians, Silverliners and Media Sniffers brought an opportunity for tourists to witness the beauty of Azad Kashmir and celebrate the spring’s biggest festival. Special discounts, gift hampers and free concert tickets had been distributed 13th and 14th of April 2019 at Muzafrabad Airport.shaadee.pk team from the platform of shaadee.pk welcomed the people from Kashmir wholeheartedly. Those who came to visit the festival has established a unique family-like relationship bond with shaadee.pk. The applauding roar was so loud that the voice of shaadee.pk spread through the corners of the Kashmir. Shaadee.pk two days event remained outstanding as it always do. Shaadee.pk team were the same with the new enthusiasm and exuberance with new people, our brother, from Kashmir. Shaadee.pk shared love in the form of making people pledge on the registration form. It was quite happiest thing ever to see the ruby faces of kashmiris shining with joy as they have never came across with the idea of an online rishta service

shaadee.pk staff is cheering up before kicking off the event
Shaadee.pk team is busy in introducing the basics of shaadee.pk to them. The body language is so persuasive.
IT minister of Azad Kashmir, Mustafa Bashir Abbasi is visiting the shaadee.pk stall
shaadee.pk team is all set to break the ground in the Kashmir cultural festival
Some boys are more interested in shaadee.pk process than making selfies.
A working women is registering at shaadee.pk.
The hustle bustle at the event shows that shaadee.pk is taking the ground
shaadee.pk never tired of working. Its the night that added up a vivid color of zest in the dark under the golden lights. shaadee.pk is working with smiling faces because they claim that they make rishtay
Shaadee.pk show continuing its activities in the dark of the night under the blue lights and it is mesmerizing

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