Find the right match

Find the right match

In an average estimation, everybody must have heard a saying, ‘’as you sow, so shall you reap’’. It sounds cliché, but it is true. Particularly in marriage, one must become and play nice to have nice in reciprocity. Give and take as a formula truly sets to the equation of marriage. Just demanding love, time and care without being reciprocal cannot help get you all the desired things. Being a perfect hero to have a perfect dream girl is the only recommendation. One cannot defy the opinion described above because this is one of the basic principles of the universe theory.

Give love to receive love.

Love is a key to all the pain and panacea to every wrenching of heart. Give love so that you receive love. It is an ideal or Sufi situation when you love unconditionally, and your significant other keep ignoring you. In the actual case, love is given on the one hand and received on the other.

Give time to be given time in return.

In this busy life, making time for someone and creating a space for someone is a blessing for the one for whom all the efforts are being made. Time is a precious gift. So, make time for your loved ones, especially your wife, to create happiness in your life.

Give care so that you be taken care by

Care is a rare gift. If you want to gift somebody, give them care. Care has multifold impacts on your relationship. First, it lends credence to your love and value for the person. In simple terms, care is the indicator that ensures that love exists between you two. provides a right and perfect match for you, and it can prove the claim by making you trust it. The only platform till now in Pakistan which offers rishtay. It is to be called digital rishtay, which are suitable in the digital age. Online shadi sounds interesting. The idea and principle on which works intrigues and incites anybody to establish trust upon it. 

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