Thinking of Marrying Someone From Another Culture?

Are you going to marry out of culture? You will learn many new, interesting, challenging and different things. But these things can be a source of misunderstanding, hurt and frustration. Cultural norms may be different, and the way of expression may be varied too; you have to face many challenges, and these challenges will not be easy. We are not trying to convince you that our cultural marriage may not suit you. We are just sharing the problems that you may face after marriage.

When you marry someone from another culture, you will be a part of that culture. Their customs, norms, traditions and outfits will differ from your own culture. You have to adopt that culture that will be very difficult for you. It is not simple to reject your own culture and embrace another culture totally against your culture. The difference in the background can create tension.

There may be some frustrations when it comes to raising your kids. His parents may want to have easy access and a close relationship with their grandkids, which means they may want them to be close by. In addition, they will want them to learn a lot about their culture. This may be a problem for you are thinking of marrying someone from another culture. Also, you may not blend in with our values thoroughly. Another thing is your parents may not fully support your relationship. Regarding social status, he may also lose respect from people who know him or his family just for marrying a foreigner.

Thinking of marrying someone from another culture means that your thinking point of view will be different from each other. Expectations are the big problem in any relationship. Marrying someone from another culture does not mean that you will marry that only person. Still, you have to accept his whole family that has a lot of expectations from you; you have to sacrifice your celebrations, heritage. So, in short, you are not just adopting a new thing. Instead, you are ignoring your personality. You may take it adventurous, but it may be torturous when it demands your whole life, norms, celebrations, heritage, values, and culture. In addition to all these, a different environment can affect you psychologically.

Cultural norms may indeed be different. The way of expression may be varied too, but what’s essential is mutual respect and love; things around may influence us, but the thing that is inside and what is between the partners is necessary.

Surprisingly, the Chinese and American couples had the same positive feelings toward one another and their relationship. I thought that Chinese women would feel more depressed due to the differences in the American and Chinese cultures. They seem from the outside like it would be a society that places far more value on men than women, which would naturally filter down to how women feel in the marital relationship.

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