Marriage or just a wedding ceremony

Some young people are looking for a grand party in their life to celebrate something big. They want to look like a prince and feel special, and what else can be the day other than your marriage. This is the big day that carries the illusion of dreams being fulfilled. But in reality, a mature man or woman would not fall into the trap of wedding bells because they know that there comes a bundle of responsibilities with the wedding ceremony. Women in our culture are trained in a way where they have been taught to deal with marital responsibilities in an early age. Contrarily, men in our society take and feel the burden until they are in their mid-30. This is the sole reason that you find women crying for their husband’s attitude toward taking responsibility. Self-analysis is a crucial part of getting married. They ask questions like if I am financially ready to marry if I have developed a family man’s habits. Suppose I can compromise on my friends and give time to my wife and children. If not, the answer comes that you are not ready, then there is no suggestion that you must refrain from marriage, but you should start preparing yourself to get married in your late 20’s or early 30’s. In our society’s backdrop, there is a need to prepare our youth to get married not late than the ’30s due to various social issues.

What is marriage?

Marriage is the opposite of what a wedding is. You are into marriage if you are more excited not about the videography of your function, photoshoot, royal treatment but because of the new life ahead full of challenges. So you must be sure that you will be married, not just wedded in the sacred lock because it has several responsibilities united with it.

It’s your moral, religious and social responsibility to keep your wedding right. Some of them, predominantly male spouse fees single right after marriage, feel the wife is responsible for his family. That’s incorrect of your behaviour and attitude if you are feeling such.

There are kids in the future; this should be in your mind. If you said I do in your Nikah, it is equivalent to having kids soon as you will be a family man. So prepare yourself, not for the event but the whole new life.

You are supposed to save money for your family. Make yourself financially healthy, and it is not becoming wealthy but wise on financial grounds. Wisely using finances are the things that later can lead you to be a rich person.

Rufus, a Roman Stoic thinker, gave a progression of talks about the reason for marriage and how marriage identifies with theory. He depicts an ideal marriage where the two accomplices endeavour to outshine the other in dedication. If two individuals rival each other to show how much every individual focuses on the other, they’ll have an excellent association. On the other side, however, on the off chance that every individual in a couple considers oneself, the couple will be bound to isolate or be forlorn.

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