The story of one of the bravest women in the world

The story of one of the bravest women in the world

Florence Nightingale, you must have heard the name. A girl born in Italy about two hundred years ago. She had no interest in dolls and toys, all she wanted to do something else that she didn’t even know herself. She was looking for the purpose of life and then the day reached when she received news of the outbreak of war in Crimea. Where countless soldiers were being wounded, she thought to herself that perhaps this was the opportunity she was looking for.

She decided to go there and help the wounded soldiers. She took some girls from her village with her. she introduced them to early training about how to take care of the wounded soldiers. She told them that the wounds of wounded soldiers need to be filled with love and affection, keeping in mind the health principles.  She was unaware of the medical terms, but her passion and sense of humanity led her to revive the life of soldiers. She left the house one day.

Wounded soldiers used to come in groups from the battlefield, she used to do the dressing of the wounds, in addition to dressing them, and she continued to alleviate their heartache and grief of being away from their loved ones. She became known as Lady with Lamp because at night when everyone was asleep, she would walk around the patients’ ward with a lantern in her hand, and when she would see a patient awake, she would sit with him and share his grief.

Today, when Nurse’s Day is celebrated on May 12, it indicates that it was Florence Nightingale who founded this great department. This nursing department is divine. Usually, doctors are enough to see the patient, they prescribe medicine and help the patient to recover. But apart from this medicine and treatment, the treatment of the patient is in love which is in a great field like a nurse

At that time, this woman did a unique job of that time. In those days, no woman could think of anything other than marriage and having children. Today you get out of your siege too. Defeat the outdated traditions of society. do something bigger than marrying and dying. Don’t do it just to make people remember for the rest of the world but for yourself.

The division between men and women is cultural and social. There is no such demand on the mental, divine and biological levels.  Reject all the divides by humans especially made by men and move forward to make not only a name but to do something big for yourself other than marriage.

credits: Shadi, Rishta

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