Dil k Rishtay in Expo center lahore- Year closing event by Dawn (14-15 Dec)-2019

The year 2019 was closed with wonderful expo in expo center in Lahore, Johor town. The event mustered up all the happy faces in the event that ensured us with the smiles on their faces that they had spent the year well. Shaadee.pk had arranged its stall in expo center in Lahore. The matchmaking team was very much matched and complemented with the environment. Great number of Footfall made shaadee.pk to believe that this is what the people require, demand and want from shaadee.pk. Rishta process and matchmaking can never be obsolete from the life of human. Till the life on this earth, couples will be made, human production will be continued. Many parents came to shaadee.pk stall to get their children registered. Their faces were shining with the trust and confidence they had on shaaqee.pk. More than 200 people registered and become our member at the eve of the moment.

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