Millennium mall Karachi and Rishta making event (13-15 Dec)-2019

Beautiful millennium mall Karachi was ranting with the rumors that here is a stall named where rishtay are made. Yes, it was true. In the one fine evening of 13 to 15 DEC, was once again back to Karachi in another mall to assure people that we are here until you get married. Footfall, once again assured us that you have been waiting for us to come to Karachi. Karachi in this season is having a great weather. People enjoyed the event with their fill. Parents have visited us the most. It seemed like they never got the solution of the biggest problem of Pakistan currently. Yes, shadi and matchmaking problem is getting you with an intense challenges. The weather and the event enhanced the enjoyment level of visitors. Well, it was not mere an enjoyment but a solvation of daily life matter. Rihsta making has never been easier earlier to inception. However, it is now just a click away from you.

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