When your best friend is in a relationship

When she gets married, first of all your best friend wants you to get married too. She starts lecturing you about your future life, about social needs, about kids. You two get different topics to talk about. Your old talks about crush and about make-up all got a new turn. However you still are happy for your best friend at the end that she got married finally.

Single Parineeti Chopra GIF
I have no reason to be single now. i too should find someone
Sad Isolation GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants
i am alone
Listen GIF by The Maury ShowI am all ears to listen up all your stories.
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Yes i am still here. When you fight with him, come back to me for ”gheebat” i will tell you how bad these men are
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I am so bored without her, I should die. What am i even doing without her.

When your best friend is married and all of sudden you feel like you have nothing to do in this world. You feel alone. You realize that she never let you feel the absence of a life partner. You have been shopping, eating, dancing, crying, laughing, cooking, back biting, and dish washing, sleepover with her. She has been in every aspect of your life.

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