Haleema Sultan, ‘’ Nam tu suna ho ga ‘’

You must have heard the name, Halima Sultan, the Seljuk princess. The gorgeous lady who has smitten the Pakistani audience with her not only beauty but with her role. She represented the perfect example of class and quality in her Islamic attire. The drama serial Dirilis Ertugrul has taken the Pakistani audience into its charm. Since it has been dubbed into Urdu and aired on national TV, Pakistani audiences have gone all out of control in love with the too perfect bahu, daughter, sister, wife, and the heroine of the drama Halima. Though no history is found that proves that the story is real. Even the script says itself in disclaimer that the most of the story is made up. The lady heroine presented in the full dress with heady concoction, covetable but respected. Her traditional appearance has won the hearts of Pakistani audience. It seems they wanted to see something like this in women.

Pakistanis were fed up watching the Pakistani content in which every other girl is glamorous, tricky, bahu, disobedient daughter and blah blah. When they see the perfect model of a woman who is not only brave to fight for honor but also beautiful in her traditional outlook. She appealed the audience in a popular way that how Muslim women should look like.

She became a sensation for Pakistan. Even the real lady Esra Belgic who played the role of Halima became the heart for everyone. She suddenly got a boost in her followers on instagram. Her popularity can be gauged from those comments when Pakistani did not shy away from schooling her for being astray. They wanted to see her in shlwar kameez and dupata in her real life too. They suddenly get shocked when they see that in her real life she is quite opposite to her character. Though it was wrong by Pakistanis but this is what the true demonstration of unadulterated love for the Esra Belgic cum Halima sultan.

Esra has confirmed in the comments section on her instagram that she will visit Pakistan once the pandemic is over. She overjoyed the love of Pakistanis for her.

Esra told in an interview that when she was shooting back in 2014 with her co-actors, she never thought that this drama would gain massive popularity across the world. The gift of love from Pakistan was never expected.

The feelings that carried over the Muslims all around the world after watching the drama were the same. It was because we share the religion that itself is a culture. Another important point emerged from this all which is analyzed critically that Pakistanis by heart want such kind of women in their life. They want their bahu, beti, biwi and maa in that role. But that woman in return got huge respect and love from her beloved husband Ertugrul. Do we give the same love and respect to our women? Halima sultan was the sacrificing lady but aren’t the real wives of your sacrificing? This question must be answered. 

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