Forced marriages are not Marriages

The age we live is the age of communication. Human rights have taken great place of consideration in this time. Though the world is still fighting for their rights in one way or other but human rights in the 21st century have become more relevant than ever.

Forced marriages have no place today. No religion or cultural or society can justify it. In universal law define forced marriages a type of violence. In Pakistani society forced marriages are disguised in arranged marriages. Wife and husband have nothing to do with the marriage choice in forced marriages. Guardians, society, social standards are the main sources behind such relationships. has arrested the very issue and by being the ambassador of free will and love marriage features its subtleties of forced marriage below in this article. Shadi in Pakistan is less a couple’s decision however progressively a burden. Its premise are the budgetary security and guardians’ will. Dear Family! Try not to drive your little girls to be marry with whom they don’t care for.

Here in Pakistan, in rural areas parents force their daughters to marry their cousins. She is forced and threatened. This lead to compromise. After having a one or two child, women forget that how and why they wed to the men they never wanted to. Their real inner happiness fades away with the time and they become cogs in the machine. In some scenario women silence is taken as YES to the proposals her parents offer. Silence cannot be translated into YES. There could be hosts of the reason behind her silence. Marriage has been meant to be the source of happiness which in Pakistan is just a decisions made by parents regardless of the choice of their daughter. Sons are also the victim of Forced marriages but are such cases are less in numbers. Parents must seek her daughters will for the particular proposals.

The consequences of such marriages are worst. Forced marriages erodes the happiness from home and end up making the women be a psychological patient. The girl who consent to the will or suppression of her parents has to bear the most on her own. The Feelings arouse that they have no longer control on their own lives, many women end up being depressed and self-harming.

Family is the basic unit of our society. It should be treated with love and care. Its base should be not be the forced marriage but the wiling of men and women in order to sustain a happy life. Rishtay are sensitive.

Living a life you don’t want often seem worse than not living at all. Let’s join hands together in wake of spreading awareness and knowledge about the very sensitive issue.

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