Zaroorat-e-Rishta, the Need of Every family

The whole universe stands on the sacred foundation of Nikah. It is not only a relationship between man and a woman but between two families or two tribes. Niakh is not as simple in our society as it looks. It prefers likes and dislikes of all the family let alone bride and groom.  Social pressure and taboos are the other things which add complexities in making rishta in Pakistan. New technology is fuel to the fire in making the rishta process even difficult.

It was the old days when even a handicap and the people with physical disabilities would get married.  But today even beautiful faces with intelligent minds are the victims of loneliness and are looking for the suitable rishtay. Parents are facing a number of problems regarding marriages of their children especially of their daughters. Regarding marriages, past and present have a stark difference. People are more educated today. Technology has become the first solution of every problem. Despite changes in the trends and fashion, zroort e rishta will be the issue of every household. There are some barriers that adds in the furry. Such as high expectations. People have built tall hopes and expectations due to modern media inclusion in their life. Expectations from the groom and the bride has been increased. Unreal hopes are attached from the life partners.  The more the technology is growing the more the human being is getting busy. Hectic Lifestyles and tough routines have brought humanity to the unending labyrinthine. The very psychological issues have blocked the way of easy marriages.

Moreover, People are getting various choices and different dimensions in Rishtay. So, they overlook one over another in search of better choices. takes care of the rishtay problem and offers a solution. We know that busy lifestyle, technological aid and media have created some exceptional and mythical realities which are not in life. has its online portal. All you have to do is register yourself, make your profile and wait for our matchmaker to call you. Your task is done, now you leave it on It will find a matching profile for you and then will contact you. Shaadeepk is the best choice and solution for every kind of rishtay problem in the current age. 

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