Why Couples (rishtay) split up right after marriage

It is a story told by a photographer who shared his experiences with us about not the wedding photo shoots but something disturbing between the new husbands and wife to be who had some negative body language. He told us that how couples fight over the petty issues and argue till the coarse tone is adopted and end up in splitting them soon after the marriage (rishta). He found out the disturbing indications that must have broken up the two people. ‘’I have collected some events that I experienced where the ambiance was perfect and the surroundings were in their favor but they still split up.’’ Divorce is understandable if it occurs after years. One can defend that it might took a time to the partners to compromise but it sounds weird if you get to know that couple divorced right after the wedding. We met a photographer, he told us about some cues that he noticed on the wedding day. These cues can help in guessing that how long they will stay together. The real reasons are only known to them and God.  

The Silent Partner indicates that he/she is not happy

Both the bride and the husband to be delighted on their big day. After all, this is one of the most significant days of your whole life. Along these lines, when one accomplice is quiet and demonstrates practically no feeling, it’s frequently a sign that inconvenience lies ahead.

Arguing on the big day shows that person has some serious issue with his her spouse.

How would you feel if you find a couple arguing on the poses of pictures taking, it seems bit odd. If they don’t care even in front of photographer and other members of the family then something is fishy fishy. I found a couple fighting on their wedding day and then I heard some days after that they have split up and ended the marriage.

Apologizing for the other’s Behavior

More often brides are sorry for even the odd behavior of their husband to be while the husband feels no shame at all. This is usually a wrong practice. One partner is trained to feel sorry and the other don’t feel ashamed at all. The photographer told us that he found the bride all the apologizing to the people for not her faults.  

Rihstay are so fragile that they can’t stand up the cold splash of water and at the same time too strong to bear the hot blow of wind. The marriage (rishtay) only can work on the principle of compromise. Intimacy can’t work alone. Respect, morality and ethics all are involved in maintaining a relationship.

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