Father-daughter relationship is beautiful of its kind

What an irony that a daughter has to limit herself in her activities when her father is home. The subcontinent’s sub-culture in villages depict the dilemma that states the perplexed story of every household. Father – daughter relationship is not as strong as it should be. Daughters of east particularly of sub-continent stay in fear of her father. This is the most sensitive topic to be discussed. Elders in villages call the discussion on the topic a threat to the values. Daughter’s fear from her father is in knowledge of her husband and the very fear is often misapplied by the husband and her in-laws. Father must focus on developing the strong relationship with his daughter. Daughters from strong family would never fall in any of the ground of her life. Strong families are defined on the standards of love and emotional attachment with family. Daughter must have confidence to share every thick and thin with her father and she should have trust of bringing understood by her father. Concealing the complexities of life to herself would make her vulnerable to the problems of life. Rishtay are strong when they share and they share when they are easy with each other. Mother can play a best role in making her husband daughters to get close to each other. The culture in Pakistan and India especially in villages show that daughters are contacting their mothers for any issue they are facing and mothers being a suppressed and less empowered women advises her to stay suppressed and don’t raise voice against the issue in try to safe her daughter from the bigger issue.

Accepting the reality that women is less empowered makes the women even more suppressed. Suppression is contagious. It is transferred from generation to generation.

Listen your daughters

Listen their stories since childhood, the school tales and her peer group issue and her teachers and her issues with her own self. It will develop the strong bond and will lead to a habit of listening her. Take your time out from your busy schedule and listen them once you are home.

Involve in big and detailed talk with your daughter

Small talk will create no impact until you are involved in detailed discussion with her. The grown-up girl has different kind of issues in her life. From her studies to love affairs like issues are in the list which a father can touch while chatting with her daughter. Talk until the hesitation stays no more and she is comfortable talking with you about every kind of issues.

Make one-on-one time Talk freely with her in group and talk in seclusion. Both are recommended. Making one on one time is best. Take her out to dinners and make a friendly relationship. Take her to shopping. Pick her from school or college sometimes. Invest in your daughters. Try to get some strong character out from your daughter. Build her manage her emotions. She will never lose a battle in her life. Such women are incapable of overcome by any means

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