Beauty is but an inch deep-Good wife, not pretty wife

This is a dilemma of the present society that all men want a beautiful wife. If the demand for the good face is going to be in the trend then average face must seek another world to reside in. this is the growing issue in the wake of getting married in old age. The very problem lies in women as well but the ratio in proportion to men demands is pretty lower. Mothers of sons are cooperating with their sons in full zest. They are have left no stone unturned in finding for Khobsorat bahu. The credit of such a spoil in the society that is weakening the fabric of social pattern goes to mothers and media. There is a need to look for the other matters instead of merely focusing on the beauty of rishtay.

They want a pretty wife. Tell them be handsome first

Before putting a demand to have a chand jesi dulhan, dulahay must look into the mirror first. Without gauging themselves, the demand they put is unimpressive and inappreciable. Matchmaking is a thing which must be considered in priority. If you have an average face then you must seek for the proper match for you instead of demanding something out of the blue that you want a pretty wife.

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

Beauty has no standards. It varies person to person. Some are very beautiful for some and the same are not attractive for the others. The basic rule and principle to judge beauty is versatile and beautiful. This is how we can adjust all of the colors and shades of skin. Beauty is but an inch deep ocean.

In average, 80% of women have an average face in the index of beauty. is realizing this fact and working on the dilemma to get rid of such a thinking which is plaguing our whole society. One of the great matchmaking services are provided by in Pakistan. We do matchmaking on balanced notes.

Media must portray its role in positive way. It must take the average girls in drama serials and in commercials. Media can help people in not seeking the ideal bodies and Katrina– like facial camera beauty in real but the real women so that it can mitigate the expectations of man about the beauty. The media can, however, guide a new response if it refrains from the use of Photoshop in advertising. take cares of the marginalized strata of Pakistan which is women.

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