Lahore Expo Center AND (Rishtay with Masala) -16-17 November- 2019 – Masala family festival

Hum TV Masala family festival with the blend of presented an amazing event in Lahore expo center on 16 November, 2019. When women came buying Masala and learning how to cook they got to know how to find perfect matches at the same platform. It was like a ‘’Ghardari ek he jaga par’’. From making home to running home. A one graceful lady found telling her friend that you can find your husband from this stall and then learn the recipes how to cook food for the newly chosen husband from the next stall. Shereen Anwer, the chief chef of hum TV was present there. She visited stall and applaud the initiative. Aima bag traditional songs in the ambiance of Lahore doubled the enjoyment of people. Masala festival and made a perfect duo. This festival and the success that got is another feather in cap. We are proud of our team that how they managed to deal with the plenty of customers in two days for long hours in a day. And also a special thanks also goes to all the newly registered members who enjoyed in the event. The footfall remained absolutely amazing in number.

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