What to do when you are ready to go for marriage

Heart or Mind: What to follow when it comes to decision of marriage

A tug of war between heart and mind in deciding between the two options, one better than the other, is a very confusing phenomenon. There are two types of people: one category follows the mind no matter what, and satisfies themselves by being logical while the second category is the one who always drum the heart to follow its beats. The latter category possess a title to be called ‘an emotional one’ and the former is named as the ‘logical one’. It is a myth that women often listen to their heart and man often sticks to logic when it comes to decide for marriage.  Marriage is a thing that involves both heart and mind.  One cannot just be so rational to the extreme or be emotional to the other extreme. The middle way is the best way.

Know that you just have to give her love and respect, Rest she will deal 

A quote in feminine voice, ‘’some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry’’ tells that women needs nothing from her husband but for breeding. She is her own financial master. She is too strong to be carried away by emotions. She has a strong gang of girls around to share her daily routine and life challenges. Emotional, financial and social needs are fulfilled by other means. All she expects care, respect and unconditional love.

Know that marriage is a perpetually troubled relation

How it feels to know that the person you love the most is the person you can hate. The husband wife relation is the disturbed one. You can’t fix it every time and then. Sometimes it can fix itself and sometimes you need to reach the every effort to deal with the problems. It is more like Tom and Jerry relationship. They both are the two banks of river who never apart and at the same time never meet to agree on the some issue. Measure the patience of your husband/wife first and then throw the tantrum accordingly. Sometimes you go too far in making the issue out of something that can threaten the quality of relationship if not break it. Empathy is the best policy in marital relationship. Honesty comes next to empathy and sympathy. No matter how rude you have been through your whole life, you have to choose to be the humble and kind person because here at this point of your life you are not alone driver of your life. Think wisely and act politely.                                                                                                                                                                           

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