Boulevard mall Hyderabad (31st May to 4th June)

Before Eid, it was another Eid. celebrated an unstoppable show under the blessings of Ramadan. Footfall was uncountable. From families to single one visited us and shared the word of in their surroundings for which we are thankful to them. Shadi is an event that has its own culture and colours. It is the event for which we prepare for months and after the event of wedding the effects stay for months. Due to having a sensitive and serious agenda has gain value and importance with the great deal of coverage in all over Pakistan within no time. has awared people not only about their right to have choice in marriage but also about other issues related to women. One of our member gave us comment on the stall at Boulevard mall in Hyderabad that has taught us lessons through its blogging and we have been able to adapt the modern way of marrying our daughters and sons. This compliment was worth billions. Our price of rishtay is not in m monetary form but the trust and confidence people have on us.

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