in Max Budget Super Market mall, Hyderabad, 7-9 Feb 2020

How it would be, if you go to Bachat market and find not only grocery but the solutions of all of your problems. On 7 Feb 2020, In Qasimabad, Hyderabad max bachat mall got uncountable footfall. It was because many singles got their problem solved as had arranged its stall in the max bachat mall. Mall was not just offering bachat packages but also matchmaking packages. For a single, finding marriage proposal seems a huge problem to him and on a lighter note, married people are also found saying marriage is a problem for them too.  Some of an elderly women in the mall said about that she did not know she would find her ‘’bahu’’ in bachat mall too while shopping at Bachat mall.  . Parents’ remarks were significant about They appreciated the initiative taken by From 7 to 9 Feb, people of Hyderabad poured in the bachat supermarket to shop and register at It was an amazing event that made us to get to know the matchmaking issues of Hyderabad.

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