Rishtay in ARY Fest- Beach view park Clifton – Karachi-14-16 Feb, 2020

Karachi a city of light remains busy around the clock. Traffic, people, lights and business can easily be observed up 24/7. In such a busy life, ARY fest like event would be a gust of a fresh wind for Karachi people. ARY fest filled the air of Karachi full love and kindness because it occurred on 14th Feb 2020. All the foodies and moodies were present in the event because it had many things to offer for the people. The food stalls and music carried away the people.  Although the event was not just food and music but something much beyond one’s imagination. Shaadee.pk stall added glory to the event. People who came to enjoy music and to food taken great deal of interest in knowing how shaadee.pk works. Hundreds of them registered on shaadee.pk and hundreds found their match at the spot. Many mothers showed concerns about the marriage problems of their daughters and son and at the same time appreciated the move by shaadee.pk for their presence at ARY fest because they were already looking for such a guide in their life. Singers: Farhan Saeed, Asim, Josh group, and an anchor person Waseem Badami, and many other celebrities made the night a wonderful memory for the people and shaadee.pk equally.

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