Love is not blind in today’s relationships: Why

Will Moss famously said “Love is not blind-it sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less”.  How many times have you heard the phrase Love is blind? It is because when one person is in love he doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see the negative traits of the other person. But in today’s’ materialistic world it is said that people love each other but before stepping into a relationship they make sure that other person has enough resources to provide them what they want. This includes all the relationship like friends, spouse, colleague or even already existing relationship like brothers, son or parents. 


In today’s materialistic society, things which have tangible existence are given more importance. Emotions like care, affection, compassion and love are just secondary things. Every relationship is measured in monetary terms. Relations are like contract that one has to do certain things then only they qualify for the love. Man is the product of the society, when one sees society is operating in this way. He automatically gets programmed that everything society is doing valid. This has also changed how marriage is perceived now. 

In past before seeing a particular boy for marriage of their daughter, parents used to see the virtues, qualification and morality in the concerned person. But these days, parents only see the financial status. It is because absolute importance is given to money and everything else has become secondary. People falsely believe that if they have enough money, they can buy every pleasure and happiness.

Love is not “blind” these days because people are always looking for what they can get from the relationship instead of what they can offer. This mentality has changed the idea of the love. Previously it was believed that love is all about giving and sacrificing. This selfless attitude has changed over the years, that’s why definition and perceived idea of love has also changed.

As life became very convenient, fast and comfortable, people have lost the idea of patience. They want results quickly. People used to wait a lot in a relationship and they build their lives together. Now a day, spouses do little things and expect immediate result. When they don’t see the immediate result they shun the idea of love and looks everything as a commodity. Before coming into a relationship, every person makes sure that other person has already things which they want.

In the past, there was sole bread earner in the family. Whole family relied on that person and naturally there was trust and respect for that person which depicted in whole family. In our modern society people have become competitive and career oriented. More opportunities are there for earning and growing than previous centuries. As a result, everybody is relying on themselves and they actively seek the person which can compensate for them what is not present. 

If we can summarize the whole idea in one sentence that will be materialism has changed the whole idea of love. People seek convenience first and then they consider to tie a knot

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