Event at Lahore Women college -14 Nov to 18 Nov

There was an awareness campaign like-activity in Women College Lahore by that brought the opportunity for all the young ladies to get to know that how they can find husband now on web while making their assignment. works online and you can safely term it an online love. the event was charged. it sparked when we get registrations. The increased footfall and number of registrations we got was the incontrovertible evidence that the hearts were won by We claim no charges but the smile on your face at the end of the briefing and the trust you put on us after registering with us. has started a commendable work in Pakistan that no body ever has felt even a need to generate it. The event handed out brochures with the detailed information imprinted upon. The very process address the profound interests of society. We have achieved from the event what we intended to and that was your Trust.



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