Masala Family Festival (10-11 Nov)

When it comes to Masala Family Festival, family and house wife comes in mind. So this time we managed to set the stage at Masala Family Festival. Women were cautious at first but when they get to know that we make Rishtay  through the Love that is online they turned into an interested customer who were curious to know more. In Lahore, we have the best people on all Pakistan, high middle class, middle-middle class and the low middle class. This is the social class that are the make or the break of any society. Middle class is the one who were suffering the most in the hands of tyrannical social dynamics regarding rishta making process. As the social fabric went complex, the rishta making process also went complex from the linear process. claims that it has brought a breakthrough in rishta making process and has changed the social patterns regarding finding rishta. The rishta wali aunty is no more in the cultural grid. When the globe went Online and you can buy anything you want by sitting home, then why cant you find rishtay Online. Online is trustworthy now. The event remained successful from two perspective, one, we have spread the word and Lahore get aware of the online rishta service, two, we won your trust.



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