Every Stage Of Life Is beautiful

Bachelors dream for the married life and the married one yearn to seek a moment to have a single life again. Before shaadi you are likely to be entrapped with the imagination of getting married. Such daydreaming makes you associate all happiness of the world with the state of being single or married. You feel like every solution to single life’s problem lies in getting married. The same psychological phenomenon applies to the married one who idealises single life and seeks all solutions to his problems in being single again. There is a need to understand the true logic of such a human psyche.

The utmost principle is that every stage of life is beautiful because love is the soul of life, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Love yourself no matter you are married or single.

No matter you are single or married, simply fall in love with yourself first. If you don’t love yourself, you are unable to fall in love with anyone else. This is the rule of thumb to spend a happy life. It is most likely that the life you are dreaming of is not good for you at that time. Other than that, the life you are living is being dreamt by someone else, so love it what you have.

Appreciate the moment 

A famous quote says accepting what you have and making it your fate, and reject what has been taken away from you. Enjoy every bit of your life. Appreciate every passing moment because of what is dropped; let it be and have what is left for you. Only this way you can spend your single or married life happily without regrets.

Don’t yearn for happiness that is not meant for you. 

Happiness is being with your loved one; your great Rishtay is always beside you whenever you need them. Forget them who has left you. Some things seem glittered as gold from a distance and attract you, but they are not good for yourself. You must learn this rule that if that thing had been meant for you, it would have reached you anyway.

The bottom line is to appreciate the moment and trust your creator, who has chosen a fate for you. Relying on yourself is the key to stay happy. This way, you will be able to reduce the skirmishes and tensions from your married life as well as from your single life. You will bear over the cultural and social taboos such as overage for the marriage phenomenon by staying positive about your present condition.

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