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I was in my training. My father used to write to me about the idea of getting married ever and anon. I was afraid of arranged marriages. I always wanted to love marriage. The more technology and awareness are growing, the more the people you choose are unable to find. But on the other hand, I never had the courage to refuse my father as he eked out his living by the sweat of his brow only for me. I was the only son; I had built this habit to never say no to my father. I was at the horns of a dilemma what to do and who to obey. Shall I listen to my heart or follow the lead of my father?

One day I got a call from Some women said you had got a proposal. I was so surprised in fact that someone is pranking me on this serious issue. I cut the call and asked her not to call me again. Days passed. After many days, my father sent me a message that I will get some calls from and advised me to be nice with them. I’ve had the thing which was cooking in mind for days. I got it that my father has registered on I had nothing to reply to my father.

It was a forlorn situation for me. I overlooked it and carried on with my life.

After some days, sadness and loneliness have encompassed me. I decided to leave the idea of having a love marriage and go for that thing. My father has paid a Rishta fee at so I decided to talk to that matchmaker again. She (the matchmaker) within no time sent me some proposals to select one from them. I chose one and asked her to send me her contact number.

I got her number, we started talking, things developed, and in no time I started feeling that I am in love with her. It was something unusual in my life. I was not expecting that I will fall in love with the girl I have fixed for an arranged marriage.

Now the situation to be defined is like, I got the love of my life and soon will have a love marriage, and my father thinks that I have obeyed him and will settle for the arranged marriage.

This got possible only because of We are going to be a happy family now. All the purposes are served. gives one a full chance to develop understanding. It is not imposed. gives plenty of choices, you have to select the one to marry, and that means that you can have the chance to have a love marriage.

Love marriage is the modern way to marry. is equipped with the modern idea of love marriage. It will not fail you. Try it and believe it because this is the only way of believing. I won’t recommend it until you do. 

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