Is happy women a myth?

Is happy women a myth?

It is a general stereotypical statement that happy women is a myth. By every now and then it has been a widely notion which was refuted by women by the same intensity as it was spread and is favorite statement of husbands. Why happy women is a myth? Nobody has ever came to conclude and deduce the real problems and causes that why happy women is myth. The opponent argument by men is also irrefutable so as women’s. It is true that men do a lot of exercise of effort to make her happy but, this, on the other hand, is also true that women take happiness from little things but when it comes to some annoying things which is carelessness, ignorance and rudeness of their man, they unintentionally get off over the attitude which man can never understand. Well there is a possibility that they do understand the ups and down of the mood of her wife but they just ignore. Well there are several reasons for a title statement to be formed. We have many websites where we can find articles related to such issues and topics but there is only one and authentic Muslim website from where all type of issues are addressed. Some of the causes are listed below that what makes man to state a mythical statement that happy women is a myth at the end of every happy and good start.

Men are discourteous some time

Men are discourteous and feel casual all the time. They don’t care about the occasion or anything else. The main thing is that the nature of such man is careless which makes them un-attending toward the cues of women. Discourtesy breeds contempt and create an atmosphere of disdain. This is how things start getting worst to the pinnacle from where extrication is almost an unable thing to be found.

Women wants courtesy 24/7

Women are opposite of what men are. Sometimes a common understanding of human make us ponder upon the combination of man and women by keeping the conflicts between the two in eye that how they spend 70% of their life by living at daggers drawn.  How a great deal of attraction works? How they both fall in love with each other? A lot of questions erupt after dealing issues and conflicts between the two. But here is a common and concluding finding must be shared which is the law of attraction that everything attracts what the opposite of it.

The missing thing is balance. There is no streamline between the two extremes. is the website which is unlike Marrymax and try to get you proposal what you want and need along with it fulfill the hidden issues of yours which are included understanding issues etc. between husband and wife.


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