Pakistan has rich wedding culture in South Asian marriages

Pakistani weddings are spectacular regarding its nature as they are colorful and entertaining. Shadi in Pakistan creates a new happening in one’s life and makes shadi as a ritual to perform as Eid and other events in Pakistan. Our culture is very rich particularly in wedding matters. We have taken bits and pieces of this culture from the various cultures in the subcontinent. First and foremost, what lies ahead is our belief system about marriages that couples are made in heaven and are linked on earth in the knot of sacred relation called marriage. The spicy part of our weddings is that they are dynamic and become the source happiness. What happens in Pakistani shadis lets have a look.

Chances for bachelors gets high to find Rishtay in Pakistani weddings

In wedding events, the single party gets active in participating in different functions. Shadi begets shadi would not be a lame analogy to make as such gathering leads to another event of shadi. The true saying that Rishtay Asmano me Bantay hen but here let’s devise an idea calling such a natural process in a way that Rishtay ab Shadiyu me Banty hen. Aunties get excited and hyper sensitive by being vigilant about the surroundings in wedding halls that which girl will be the best bride for his son and which boy is the most decent among others for her girl.  

Dressing up is the main part of every function

Pakistani shadi are consisted on various functions. Usually they linger on for a week. The amazing and happening part of shadi is getting dressed up in different attires even sometimes more than bride and groom cousins and friends are more decorated and ornamented. Dynamic and colorful attires which are heavily filled with embroidery and work. Such jolly dresses make an event even more attractive and eventful. 

Mehndi is the bigger an event that Barat

Any culture is recognized with its rituals, traditions and norms which are clearly depicted by our weddings as Pakistani weddings are complete amalgamation of all traditions. when the function of mehndi arrives, it brings life to an events and thrill in the wedding. Mehndi is always a much awaiting function for which special preparations are made beforehand. New trends are adding up in mehndi function and are becoming part of it rapidly.

Photography is everything when you are dressed up

Photography of wedding events are taking new shapes of modernity by every day. Now there is a proper trend of cinematography of wedding events like a movie to capture the memorable scenes. Other than official photoshoot of bride and groom side photoshoot of taking selfies is also a comparable phenomenon with cinematography.

Dance enthusiasts find an occasion to show up their talent

Dancing from modern to traditional all are in now a day. Shadi provides a platform for all those who seek occasion to show up their talent of dancing. In different subcultures of Pakistan, different dances are performed such as jhumar, attan and luddi etc. even aunties and uncles who has been considered shy all time take shadi an event to take out all their happiness out and forget grievances.

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