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Your Relationship Reflects In Your Children’s Behavior, Marriage in Pakistan
Your Relationship Reflects In Your Children’s Behavior

Your Relationship Reflects In Your Children’s Behavior

It is an undisputable fact that what you sow, so shall you ripe. Notably, we are going to allude you toward your family life. Your child’s behavior is a product of your own behavior. Putting it differently, your child mimics your actions and adopt the habits of his dad. Long story short, your child is the prototype of your personality so the question arises that what kind of behavior you are inculcating in them to face in the future. Interpersonal relationship between you and your wife define the status of your family health. The happier the couple the happier the relationship and the happier the relationship, the happier the happier their children are. There are some propositions and ideals to follow that have the incentive to put the relation on smooth road.

  • Feuds and fights should be secret

If you have any grievances between you two then deal it in cameras. Don’t show your anger to your children. On the flip side if they inquire about any tension running between you two then hiding it is not the solution.

  • Give your children confidence

To avoid mis-happenings and mis adventures provide room and space to your children, so they don’t hide things from you. He thing is called gender gap. There is nothing old school and new generation between parents and children. Share and tell them everything so that they reciprocate.

  • Don’t involve your children in too much luxury

If you don’t want any trouble for yourself in future, then don’t try to meet every need of your children. Its like you are creating utopia for them. They will be paralyzed of their needs and won’t be able to connect themselves with the world after you they are going to stay in.

  • Stay in good faith with each other

Husband and wife are in the relationship like lock and key. They need to stay in close proximity not just in physical premises but also in mental closeness so that your children don’t go astray and find other mentor for their spiritual healing.

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