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Pakistani Abroad, now can be attached with the mother land more than ever through shaadee.pk

People living abroad leave hearts and mind at their mother land and so is the case with Pakistan. When they leave usually toward the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, they seek Rishtay in Pakistan to get married with the mindset of saving their culture by inculcating it to the future generation. Other than that, GCC world: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Behrain, Oman and UAE share even closer link with Pakistan due to having same culture on the base of religion.

Authentic online matrimonial website, first time ever in Pakistan, cater your needs of finding best proposal in Pakistan is shaadee.pk

Rishta getting done till the event of shaadi is kind of arduous job in our culture because it adds up extravagant traditions in marriage ceremony which are though beautiful but tiring at the same time. Shaadee is an event of a paramount importance in one’s life. As contours of 21st century is changing and developing in even developed and smarter ways by carrying what is best for humanity, shadi matters are also shifting focus toward online marriage bureau system. Internet has played fabulous role in making human lives easier and prone to achievement especially in the way we chose our life partners. In this modern world finding life partner has become easier than earlier with the help of growing online shaadi websites but at the same time authenticity of these online websites is also a rising question.

Online matrimonial websites are gaining attention in the wake of online rishta search among masses but genuine thing is a hard nut to crack. But here Shaadee.pk is what people are looking for because it is trustworthy, private and dedicated and clearly demarcate the lines between Dating and Shadi. As it contains sacred purpose in it whereas dating is disreputable element in our culture. Halal way to get hitched is shaadi what you can find on shaadee.pk.

We are private

Privacy is our motto. We strictly follow this basic tenet of life.  What differentiate shaadee.pk from others is that It is the private platform which provide one with complete information under privacy rules. You can totally trust on the procedure. There is a majority prefer marriage in a traditional way and consider online process of Rishta beyond reverence and authenticity. But we are here particularly trained for keeping secrecy of the sacred matters. We take care of our traditions and follow the social trends.

Culture Oriented

Rishtay are incomplete with parents or family’s consent in our society as well as in our religion.  Online marriage sites are sometimes miss perceived with the dating site but shaadee.pk has seriously kept this element in mind while designing it that it should not turn into a dating site at the end. It has included special feature of involving parents in it. It is totally family oriented which deserve trust and your confidence on us.

Dedicated Matchmakers

Personalized matchmakers are at your disposal working vigilantly on your profile 24/7. Shaadee.pk focus on lending you hand maximally with optimum results. For the very purpose, we have customized staff particularly focused on match making. This aspect is missing in other marriage sites which create hassle at the end. We don’t call you a customer, you are family. We take equal pain in finding perfection level for you.  All we need your satisfaction for such a sacred cause.

Physical Presence

Most of the rishta claiming websites are just virtual. Contrarily Shaadee.pk exist in tangible environment and cater your needs and queries by meeting you in person. International trends for everything are ceasing the real to virtual which has made people to interact through internet barricade rather than interacting in public sphere. The scope of online interaction has been increased. In the wake of such trends marriage/proposal matters has also resorted solution in it. But above all we are proud to present you a platform, which provides real marriages synchronized with global trends of modernity.

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