5 Proven Solutions to Divorce

Go for counseling

The most effective solution is involving someone in your issues. The third person as an arbiter can analyse the situation dispassionately. So counselling though is a modern way to save your marriage but is a proven method indeed. It can remove all the disproportionate issues from your relations by truly assigning each of you the tasks to do which are mending techniques in favor of stabilizing marriage. Though the trends in Pakistan to seek counselling are new, yet they have the power to reach on wider scope due to its effective nature.

Talk about your needs

Before seeing a counselor there must be some room and space that you both can talk about your needs. Negotiating before reaching to any conclusion is the safest way to save the broken relation. There must be some way amid issues that will be a compromising for both. Two takes to tango fits to this situation. One cannot save the relation until the one party is willing to save it with the same gravity and intensity.

Spend more quality time together

There are people who feel like they don’t relate to each other. They stay aloof and don’t feel having feelings for each other. There are a lot of couples who are not happy in their marriage just because they don’t give time to each or give time for wrong reasons which is not a quality time but a quantity time. This can happen when things like financial pressures, hectic schedules and their children’s needs take precedence over spending time with one another. It’s absolutely an imperative that you and your spouse spend quality time with one another.

 Get some accountability

You both are free people but you can hold each other accountable. The vow they have taken on the wedding day gives you the prerogative to hold your spouse accountable for the thing which are impacting you as an individual and your relation. This way the misdeeds at the hand of your spouse can have the less chance to be occurred. Sometimes couples see divorce as their only solution because they don’t have others around them to remind them that there are other solutions to divorce; ones that usually prove to be far better.

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