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Are you telling her that ‘happy women is a myth’

What if your wife is all cool with you, and complain nothing about, and is thankful to you for every little effort you make toward winning her heart? How would you feel? The hypothesis is neither a dream nor a myth, it is a fact. One can have this situation if some of the statements and actions listed below be avoided. One cannot shift the buck by saying that happy women is a myth at the closing of a fight between you and her. She don’t shout or have complains without any grounds. The statement is over heard that happy women is myth. If he truly analyses and look into the matter he would realize that he did nothing to make her happy then why falsifying it by uttering that happy women is a myth. Save your marriage because the shadi match things are way too hard to be made and established again once it is broken. And F.Y.I this is not a feminist post. This is a real deal and it is for the betterment of you.

Heed to her, what she needs

There are different set of needs in human being in which emotional, physical, financial, mental, spiritual and social are the primary. In case of wives emotional needs are the most essential than others regarding meeting them. If you are trying to fulfill her financial needs and you think by meeting financial needs only you have done enough for the month without bothering to touch the emotional one than you have done nothing and you can’t be in her good books. You have blew all out of proportion without sensing the needs of your spouse. On the other hand, in case of husband, if you are merely focusing on emotional needs without bothering the other then you are going wrong around the road. Focusing on one and putting rest on the back burner will not serve the purpose which will end up you listening ungrateful comments that breeds contempt. Balance is the most required key in dealing with the needs and demands of your spouse to avoid miss-conduct and miss-understanding.

The statement, ‘this all happened wrongly just because of you’ put your partner off and then she complains.

No matter how much you are caring for your spouse but when you ignite on little miss happenings and blame on your partner ‘’you have done it or just because of you I am not in a condition to get the desired thing and blah blah!” kind of statements put your partner off and wipe off all your efforts and investments in winning her/his heart. The very situation leads toward ungratefulness and thanklessness.

Expectations breed contempt

When you consider about the efforts your spouse do for you are the obligations and duties that he/she fulfilling out of responsibility and you feel that you deserve to be treated like the way, then you are totally wronged here. Because the love and morality are not her/his duties written in nikah nama to be done. One should be thankful and show gratitude if they are loving and caring toward you after completing their mundane responsibilities of marriage. There is another case, if they are less grateful then still you are not on the position to name her/him bad. You should effort to make the relationship work.

Shaadee.pk advised you to avoid the common mistakes listed above to save your life partner from getting hurt by your uncouth behavior.

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