5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Married

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Married

From a psychological perspective, love is mental well-being associated with effective and spiritual satisfaction. Dramas, soap operas, movies and fairy tales detail how problems disappear once the two people are finally married. We know, however, “happily ever after” is only the beginning. Here are some questions that must be answered in the positive BEFORE marriage, or quickly thereafter:

Are you ready to make someone else your priority?

Anybody can get married. But not everyone can be happily married. Happily married people value their marriage above all else. They put their relationship up on a pedestal and cherish it. Happily married people are those few who are willing to put the success of their marriage before their professional ambitions and other personal desires. And the payback for those folks is that every night they get to go home to someone who loves them completely and who gives them their undying loyalty.

Do you accept each other for who you really are?

This means you realize no one is perfect. Everyone has faults, limits and certain attributes that may be detestable to you. Marital problems begin as one party tries to change the other. Change is difficult, and no one can force another to change. You are responsible only for the changes made in yourself.

Do you feel spiritually comfortable around her?

You do not need to be religious to know that how your spouse feels and acts about the divine will influence your relationship. Someone with an open heart; who is generous, charitable, and humble and cultures faith and hope daily is better than someone who repels correction, believes that repentance and forgiveness are only for “believers” and who mocks other religions.

Do you like yourself when you are with your significant other?

It is imperative that you know, and can be, yourself. There is harmony when you and your significant other connect through similar interests, attitudes and values. Be sure that you feel comfortable in each other’s presence. Similarities strengthen the relationship.

What do you expect from your spouse after marriage?

Today, male and female roles are not as black and white as they used to be. It is essential, however, that you know exactly what you expect from each other. In a marriage, we are partners, parents, and companions responsible for sustaining a family as friends and confidants. So it is imperative that we are clear about what we expect from each other and be completely in sync.

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