5 Top honeymoon destinations


With hundreds of coral islands, one of the most beautiful tropical nations on the globe – The Maldives is a wonderful place to visit for honeymoon purpose. Clear waters, peacefulness, serenity, terrific ocean life, bold ocean sports, tranquillity, adventurous and mesmerizing blue waters, and running streams through the corridors of silence under the blue sky create strange feelings. It detaches you from the rest of the world. It feels like it is a part of heaven on the earth. Plus, it added volumes to the feelings of love inside the couple that become eternal for the rest of the life. The moments spent in such places will always keep the two together, even in bitter feelings. Cherished feelings never leave you for the whole remaining life.


Have you ever dreamt of being in a grass cloaked resorts, jungle looking bedrooms, painting-like landscape, infinity blue pools, and crystal clear beaches? If you did, then you must have pictured Bali in your mind. This is Bali, an island of Indonesia. Its coral reefs and beeches are imagination digger places. To take your partner to such a place would be a gift for life. Such sites let the couple connect through the spiritual thread.

Phi Phi Islands Thailand

If you want to take your partner to the tropical paradise and some scenic beauty, take him/her to the PHI PHI islands in Thailand. It is a group of islands in the surroundings of the Phuket, capital of Thailand. The best time to visit the place is between November to March. This time period is good for a weather forecast. This place is neither too cold nor too hot. It gives you the mix feelings. You keep guessing about the weather. It is cold weather.

Cappadocia, turkey

You already know about this place. It is a heritage place on the UNESCO list. Hot balloons, cave churches, underground natural cities, fairytale-like chimneys, and ancient caves home. It feels like suddenly a fairy will come out from these houses and will do the domestic chores. Visiting Cappadocia will give you a lifetime memory. A honeymoon in such places will make you want to remarry with the same person to come again to see the same place as the honeymoon. Avoid going in hot months. All the months other than June, July, August are good to go.


Land of the rising is unique in many things, particularly in tourism. It has shrines, gardens, temples, traditional houses made of wood, and much more, attracting the aesthetic sense of human. Take your newlywed husband/wife there to enjoy the scenic beauty and hospitality of the Japanese. It will be the 1st memorable trip of your life.

The Best Time to Visit is from March to May and October to November. If watching Cherry blossoms is on your list, then visit in the last week of March to the first two weeks of April.

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