If he loves you, he will ignore your mistakes.

About many things in your life, you are unaware of yourself. People around you make you explore yourself, but you can see the true colors of your personality when you are with your life partner. If your spouse tends to make you believe that you are a fantastic person and turn your negativity into positivity, then you can put all your eggs in his basket safely because he/she is the one who can get you to touch the height of success. The quote was produced for such kind of life partners ‘there is always someone behind one’s success. Contrarily, if your partner is toxic and keeps bragging about your drawbacks, you will not get anywhere. One can be skilful by birth but not necessarily aware of his/her skills; it is your partner, peer group, fellows and family who can make you stand on your own with confidence.

He/she ignores your miss deeds, bad habits. 

Failure itself is infallible if you find a person who loves you. The symptom of a lover, wife or loving husband is evident if he/she loves you the way you are and ignores your all miss behaviour. Human is no exception who can’t fall prey to mistakes. All you need countable few people around you can tolerate you and your errors.

He/she make you learn from your misadventures. 

Some ignore your bad aspects just because they don’t care enough about your routine, your life, your well-being, etc., knowing about his/her mistakes and then having the courage to mend them by making his/her learn from it a loving trait. Adopt it, love it and be loved.

He/she supports you in your thick and thin. 

There is always a leader, even in a relationship, some relations spearheaded by one of the partners. It’s not about dominating the link but a leadership quality that drives the connection. Such kind of people stands by you in all your thick and thins. If he/she has this quality, trust her.

He/she still loves you even after knowing your errors 

The more one knows about her/his spouse’s negativities beforehand and bears it, the stronger the relationship you can have. Marrying one after knowing him/her is a prioritized idea because one must test his/her patience level for a stronger relationship. So, care for the one who belongs to such kind of people.

He snubs you out-rightly or smiles at your childish acts?

There are many ways to mend the bad. Respect must be above board in any case. If she is scolding her husband for right or wrong in front of everyone, he/she is not your friend, could be wife or husband but not a friend.

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