When The TWO Become ONE

What makes a relationship stronger and healthier? The question produces various entangled answers. It is a subjective phenomenon. It depends on an individual’s discretion that what constitutes best for his/her life. On universal grounds, the relation is too fragile to stand without any effort yet too strong to hold two together for centuries. It is a weak relation because it is not based on blood ties, and it is vital because it stands on the premises of love. The relations based on mere a vow are considered the strongest in the world, but some traits prolong the life of a relationship and make it healthier and more robust. A 4C1T formula: Compatibility, Compassion, Care, Companionship and Trust works amazingly.


Rishtay, with no blood ties, demands something special to keep the relation. To tie the hearts, there needs compatibility: the feeling of sympathetic understanding. Sympathy is an excellent characteristic in human beings that can make another irrespective of the relation are grateful to you. Such a trait is highly recommended, particularly for the marital relationship.


The other meaning of the term is love, and love includes all appraisals as hopes, good deeds, favours, and pity. Compassion is a complete package that works like glue to create a bond between the two. Compassion is the key to win hearts.


Whether you are in love with her or not, do care for her/him just because he/she is your spouse and you two are in a sacred relationship. Love is nothing but a practice. If you keep caring for one for a more extended period, you will fall in love with her/ him one day. Care can heal the broken souls and gives a simulation of love.


Friendship is the basis of any relationship to stay longer. Build love on the ground of companionship. Make her/him your friend first so that he/she can find nobody else trustworthy enough then you.


After Shaadi, the relationship depends on the level of trust. Once it is broken the game is over. Build it by acts; mere words can’t help you develop a more robust and healthier relationship. Avoid doubting and shouting. Trust what she/ he says. The norm of trusting will make you both fall for each other even stronger than before.

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